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Our History
"Four Generations And Three Countries Later"

We at Serafin De Cuba Cigars are proud to present our handmade premium cigars for sale on our website. Our tobacco history goes back to the late 1890’s when my Great Grandfather (“Abuelo”) Antonio Serafin arrived in Cuba from the Canary Islands, Spain and settled in Cuba’s premier Tobacco Region, Pinar Del Rio. Abuelo was there for a short while before he decided to relocate to another great Tobacco Region, Las Villas where he found better opportunity. During his years in Las Villas, he owned and operated his own tobacco farm where he grew and farmed tobacco plants in the “Shade”. He was also an expert Tobacco Leaf Selector, blender and curing expert, and was always very involved in the rolling process as well. This was a time old tradition our Ancestors also did in the Canary Islands, Spain which is where he learned this art. Abuelo Antonio did very well with his tobacco and Cigar business, until ultimately his passing in 1936.

When Abuelo passed, My Grandfather Ramon was a young Adult, but thanks to the fact he was involved in the business at a young age, he was also well experienced and ready to go forth with the family business. Abuelo Ramon quickly made good contacts in all of Cuba for his cigar distribution, and tobacco sales, and even introduced numerous new brands throughout the Island. He was a true Cigar Master who always enjoyed what he did, and always earned a decent living doing it. I remember when I went to Cuba to visit him, he was already in his mid 70’s, but he still rolled and smoked his own cigars! He was amazing. Unfortunately, He passed away in 1995 also.

My father Ramon Jr. learned the tobacco business from Abuelo also at a young age , and also grew up in the tobacco fields of Las Villas. At this point Dad figured this was a family legacy he truly wanted to preserve, so up until the time he came to the United States, he was involved in the business with Abuelo. Unfortunately for my family, as well as many Cubans, Castro rose to power in 1959 and nationalized all the businesses there, and destroyed a beautiful country. My father immigrated to the United States in 1968 and settled in New Jersey where he found work in numerous industries, but his eventual goal at heart was to return to the Cigar business. Many years later and after much deliberation, he moved to Tarpon Springs, Florida and because of his Cigar making abilities, he was able to quickly re-establish himself and start making his own line of Cigars again here on US soil.

For me, It is a life long dream come true to now be involved with my father in our little Cigar business. Ever since I was a kid I was always around him and fellow tobacco experts and I remember listening to them relate their stories about Cuban tobacco, and the processes involved, and how important that was to creating a great cigar. I truly hope I can pass my knowledge, and family history to my Son when he grows up. It truly is a beautiful Art. I hope you have enjoyed my Family’s history, and truly enjoy our Cigars we look forward to serving you and hope to see you at our factory located at 25 Dodecanese Blvd. Tarpon Springs, Fl Feel free to browse our website, and email us any questions or comments you have.


Arnaldo Serafin

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It was my Great Grandfather, Antonio Serafin And Grandmother Luisa who came to Cuba from the Canary Islands, Spain in the late 1800's and brought to Cuba his expertise of growing and rolling great cigars the true "Isleño" way in Las Villas Province, Cuba.

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Pictured here is my Grandfather, Don Ramon Serafin, He was a Cigar Master, and the one who kept the family tradition of rolling cigars alive in Cuba when he first introduced his own line of Cuban Cigars "Tabacos Serafin" in Las Villas Province, Cuba in the 1940's. He is pictured here rolling a "Puro" in Santa Clara, Cuba 1986.

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My Father, Ramon A. Serafin inspecting the rolled cigars and the different shades of the leaves before they are boxed and sold in Miami, Florida 2004

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Arnaldo and Master Roller Felix Marrero inspecting the tobacco used for the Serafin de Cuba brand.

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Admiring the gorgeous Wrapper Leaf for my Serafin de Cuba brand with my good friend and Serafin de Cuba Master Roller Felix Marrero

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With Felix at the rolling table while he crafts some Serafin de Cuba's

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My other Grandfather Pablo Martin (Mom's Dad)was also an experienced Cigar Roller. In this picture he is seen rolling one of his favorite Criollo Cigars in Fomento,Las Villas Province, Cuba, 1950's

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Me (Arnold Serafin) Carrying a freshly rolled bundle of my Serafin de Cuba Churchills Miami, 2006

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This picture is of my Tio Pascasio hand rolling a cigar the "Criollo" way, right on top of the knees. I took this photo while I visited my family in Santa Clara, Cuba April 1993. He was another experienced Cuban Cigar roller from the Good Old Days.

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Felix, My Father Ramon, and myself inpecting the tobacco for the Serafin de Cuba brand.

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Taking a look at fine Cuban seed tobacco